Central Billing Department

The Central Billing Department pursues quality insurance collection results which exceed nationally recognized standards for 30-, 60-, and 90+-day collection categories.

This can be achieved by electronic claims submission to participating primary carriers and secondary carriers accessible through a clearinghouse.

Posting, processing and reviewing of insurance payments include:

  • Medicare, Medicaid, managed care plans
  • Blue Shield products, commercial plans
  • Auto and worker's compensation
  • Capitation checks and bonus payments

The Central Billing Department also provides services for you by:

  • Posting all mailed patient payments
  • Tracking and summarizing insurance Aged Trial Balances
  • Generating insurance/patient payment refunds
  • Handling inquiries from insurance carriers and patient accounts referred by an office
  • Reviewing claims needing pre-authorization, referrals, etc.
  • Processing and mailing all primary and secondary insurances not electronically transmitted
  • Claims processing investigation and troubleshooting
  • Balancing End of Day, Month, Year Reports
  • Archiving insurance remittances
  • Updating patient information in the computer
  • Researching Insurance Guidelines and Appeals
  • Coordinate the credentialing of physicians for billing to commercial/indemnity insurance carriers
  • Coordinate credentialing for new physicians and insurances

The Medical Associates administrative staff has over ninety years of collective experience in leading health care teams...

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