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Benefits To Patients

And how does this benefit the patient?

Patients of physicians who belong to Medical Associates of the Lehigh Valley (MATLV) are the true beneficiaries of this practice model. Patients can receive more personal and attentive care from their doctor because the administrative aspects of the practice are being taken care of by MATLV. Not only is the high quality of the physician-patient relationship maintained, but the personality and individuality of each practice remains intact. In short, patients receive the benefits of a large practice in terms of business support, while remaining in the individual or small group practice setting for care.

"Medical Associates strives to maintain quality patient care as the focus for all that we do. We're doing the right thing for the right reasons."
- Dr. Jack Nuschke
President of Medical Associates of the Lehigh Valley (1999-2002)

"Preserving the patient-doctor relationship and putting the patient first is what we're all about."
- Dr. Tom Brandecker
President of Medical Associates of the Lehigh Valley (1995-1999)

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