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Preserving the patient-doctor relationship

Our practice was designed to enable our physicians to focus their time on caring for their patients. We call it "preserving the patient-doctor relationship" and it's why Medical Associates of the Lehigh Valley (MATLV) was formed.

In today's world, complex administrative requirements, pressures to control costs, decreasing reimbursement and a number of other conflicting forces place increasing time and economic demands on physicians to administer the business side of their medical practice. These demands may conflict with providing the level and quality of care doctors have been trained to give. Medical Associates helps our doctors deal with this dilemma by providing our member physicians with the services and support to handle the business aspects of a practice, allowing our physicians to focus entirely on the treatment of their patients.

The result? Patients get better care from their doctors. And doctors get to spend more time heeding their calling to heal the sick. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.
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